Applications of acoustic holography technology

Example of Armtel SVS (Sound Vision System)
Example of Armtel SVS (Sound Vision System)

1. Non-contact fault diagnosis of equipment

Continuous operation is the most important requirement for equipment. Installations are running virtually non-stop, so there are stringent requirements.
Detecting and precisely locating faults at an early stage is a major challenge.

Non-contact diagnostics of equipment malfunctions
  1. Diagnosis of faults at an early stage
  2. Precise localization of the detected fault
  3. Instantaneous automatic reaction when a fault is detected

2. Acoustic impact monitoring

Noise is a pollutant that is often underestimated. There are studies that show that at least 2 percent of all heart attack victims are related to traffic noise. At night, traffic noise can disrupt health by affecting sleep quality.

  1. Monitoring of acoustic conditions in order to control the volume of warning systems
  2. Monitoring of compliance with environmental regulations regarding noise levels

3. Leak detection in pipeline structures

Statistics show that hundreds of pipeline accidents, both domestic and foreign, occur annually, resulting in reduced flow capacity, environmental contamination and costly, in terms of finances, repairs.

Search for tie-ins and gas leaks in pipelines
Search for tie-ins and gas leaks in pipelines
  1. Rapid leak detection
  2. Leak detection on pipeline structure
  3. Possibility of post-reporting of repair work before and after the leak is repaired
  4. Leak notification and display of the leak location on the screen.

4. Fault detection in power grids

Power transmission lines are the connecting element in power systems. To reduce transmission losses over long distances and detect faults in time, it is necessary to use monitoring and diagnostic tools for electrical equipment.

Fault detection in power grids
  1. Ability to install a UV camera to conduct surveillance in the UV spectrum
  2. Corona discharge location search
  3. Finding faulty insulators
  4. Integration into monitoring system
  5. Service notification of malfunctions
  6. Equipment stays in operation without putting the line out of service
Corona discharge on phase B



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